This application lets you measure how fast and how accurately you can type in Thai.

Note: this application is "experimental". I can't at this stage be sure how well the algorithms it uses will work with "real life" typists. It's also a bit fragile, and can get "confused" by really inaccurate typing.


To begin:

  1. Select which text you would like to type
  2. Select for how long you would like the test to run
  3. (Optional)Change any of the options according to your preferences. (See below for an explanation of the available options.)
  4. Click start

To run the test, start typing the first line of text. The countdown timer will start as soon as you type the first letter correctly. If the timer doesn't start, check that your keyboard is set to the Thai language. Continue typing until the time is over. If you reach the end of the text before time is up the test will automatically end.

If you make a mistake you can use the "Backspace" key to remove the last character typed.

The ⏎ character indicates the end of a paragraph, so press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

When you see "_", press the spacebar.

When time's up details will be displayed of how many words you typed, how many mistakes you made, and your typing speed, corrected for the number of mistakes. You'll also see the full original text and the text as you typed it, with mistakes highlighted.

You can either rerun the same test by clicking on the "Retry" button, or go back to the initial selection page by clicking "Close".


The options are as follows:

Highlight next character
The next character to be typed is highlighted in blue.
Highlight current word
The current word to be typed is highlighted in purple.
Sounds on
Turn sounds off if you don't want to hear a click when you press a key or hear when you complete the test.
Type blind
Don't display the text as you type it.


Typing speed is calculated using the standard formula. Key points are: