The Thai Typing Trainer is a web-based application which is designed to teach you how to touch type in Thai in 50 short lessons. Each lesson introduces a few new keys to memorise or provides practice using real Thai words using the letters you've already learnt.

The Thai Speed Trainer is for people who can already type in Thai. It provides practice exercises and measures typing speed and accuracy.

The Custom Speed Trainer allows you to paste your own text for typing practice. Again, it measures typing speed and accuracy.

Note that all three trainers are accessed by the same link from the menu - Typing Trainers

The Thai Steady Typer gives practice for typing at a regular pace; steady, even typing is one of the key factors in developing a high speed.

Finally, there's a Thai Typing Game that provides further typing practice. Type words falling from the sky before they hit the ground!

The Steady Typer and the Typing Game both introduce characters in the same sequence as the Thai Typing Trainer, and can be used along side it for additional practice.


All the trainers and the games require that Javascript be enabled in your browser.

You'll need to set your computer to Thai language input. (Specifically, the Kedmanee keyboard layout - that's the usual Thai keyboard layout.)

All the programs have been tested on recent versions of most of the major browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and can work on all of them. However, if you can't get it working on your browser, let me know via Feedback which operating system and browser you are using, including version number saying what the problem appears to be.

The applications are fairly large, so may take a few seconds to load. Please be patient, it's worth it!

To receive key strokes the application has to "have focus". So, for example, if you click on your address bar, the Trainers will stop receiving your input. To start using the Typing Trainer again, just click on the "last character typed" textbox. For the Speed Trainers, click on the typing area.

If you resize your browser you'll probably need to reload the application by refreshing the page. Ctrl+R does this on most browsers.

If your browser is showing a search bar at the bottom of your screen the positioning of certain fields will be incorrect. It's best to close any such search bar.

If you'd like to suggest any improvements to any of the Trainers, or want to point out any mistakes, please contact me through Feedback.