The Thai Classifiers dictionary allows you to find the appropriate classifier(s) for a given noun, and for a given classifier to find the noun(s) it's used with. This dictionary is based upon a booklet published by the Royal Institute titled ลักษณนาม ฉบับราชบัณฑิตยสถาน. This dictionary is currently only available in Thai script.

The "Search" tab allows you to search by noun or by classifer. First select which you want to search by using the radio buttons "Search Nouns" or "Search Classifiers". Then enter the search word in the text box. You can do this by

  1. typing directly into the box or
  2. clicking on the "keyboard" to enter letters or
  3. pasting a word into the box.
As you type matching words will be shown in a list below (or sometimes above) the text box. When you see the word you wish to search for, click on it and the corresponding classifiers or nouns will be shown on the right hand side of the screen. (You can also use your keyboard's "up" and "down" arrows to navigate the list, then use the "Enter" key to select an entry.)

The "Nouns" and "Classifiers" tabs allow you to view nouns & their associated classifiers and classifiers & their associated nouns alphabetically. Select the appropriate tab for your query, then click on the appropriate button to display nouns/classifiers beginning with that consonant. (Where no words are available for a given consonant the button is disabled.)