The Thai Classifiers dictionary allows you to find the appropriate classifier(s) for a given noun, and for a given classifier to find the noun(s) it's used with. This dictionary is based upon a booklet published by the Royal Institute titled ลักษณนาม ฉบับราชบัณฑิตยสถาน. As far as I know, this booklet is no longer available online.

To see nouns for which a given classifier is used, select the "Classifier-Noun" radiobutton; to see classifiers for a given noun, select the "Noun-Classifier" radiobutton.

Next, select the button for the first consonant of your chosen noun or classifier. A table of data matching that consonant will be displayed in alphabetic order.

Where no words are available for a given consonant the button is disabled.

As well as columns for classifier and noun, there is an additional column, "context" which shows the original text from which the classifier or noun has been extracted. This might show other classifiers used with the same noun, additional comments on the use of the noun, or other nouns using the same classifiers.