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This is a program which allows you to create and maintain your own packs of flashcards to be used with this site's flashcard application.

Creating a New Pack of Flashcards

  1. On the “Menu” tab select the “Add” button. This will then show you the “Name Pack” tab where you can enter the name for your new pack and allow you to select the delimiter between the different data fields you are going to enter. By default this is tilde (~). (The choice of delimiter is provided to make it easier if you wish to cut and paste your flashcard data from another program such as a spreadsheet.)

    If you enter the name of an already existing pack you will receive a warning.

    Once you've entered the name of the pack and chosen a delimiter (or used the default value), click on “Next” to move to the next step.

  2. The next tab shown is the “Edit (Text View)” tab. The simplest way to enter data is to type (or paste) a list of English words, each on its own line. At this stage do _not_ press save. Now select the “Edit (Table View)” tab.

  3. On the “Edit (Text View)” tab, the application will have attempted to fill in the Thai translation and IPA representation of each of the English words you originally entered.

    If the Thai translation is missing, you can type or paste it in manually.

    If the Thai translation is incorrect and the dictionary has alternative translations you can click on the exclamation button to see and select a different translation. If none of the translations is correct you can type or paste the correct translation.

    If the IPA is incorrect or missing you can type or paste it in yourself. (There's no technical requirement to use IPA. You can use whatever system of representing Thai in another alphabet you prefer.)

    You can enter additional words using the next free row. Work from left to right, entering the English first, then selecting or entering the Thai, and finally editing or adding the IPA.

    For editing, you can also switch back to the “Edit (Text View)” tab to perform if that is more convenient.

  4. When the pack data are correct, click on the “Save” button.


The “Edit (Table View)” tab displays a minimum of 15 rows. If you need more rows, switch to the “Edit (Text View)” tab and add the additional English words, one word per line. When you then switch back to “Edit (Table View)” additional rows will have been added automatically. You may need to scroll down to see them.

The IPA (where available) occasionally shows an inverted question mark. This is done where the dictionary IPA is malformed.

When editing, the packs are automatically saved every 30 seconds. They are also saved whenever you switch between the two Edit views.

Packs are saved to your browser's local storage. This means that packs are only available on the computer you used to create them.

If you clear your browser's local storage, you will lose your pack data.

Editing an Existing Pack

  1. From the Menu tab, select the “Edit” button.

  2. On the “Select Pack” tab which is now displayed, select the pack to be edited.

  3. You can now edit the pack using the “Edit (Text View)” and “Edit (Table View)” tabs.

  4. Click on the “Save” button when your done.

Deleting an Existing Pack

  1. From the Menu tab, select the “Delete” button.

  2. On the “Delete Pack” tab which is now displayed, select the pack to be deleted.
    Warning: the pack is immediately, permanently deleted once you click on it.

  3. Delete further packs in the same way.

  4. Once finished deleting, click on the Menu tab to return to the menu.

Known Issues