This is a program which allows you to learn groups of new Thai words by providing an on-line version of flashcards.

Selecting a Pack

When the program starts, the initially displayed tab is an alphabetic list of the available packs of flashcards. The names of the packs are colour-coded. Green for “beginner”, orange for “intermediate” and red for advanced.

Click on any pack name to play that pack.

Three differently-ordered versions of the index are available on different tabs:

Tab #1: Alphabetic Index
Packs are listed in alphabetic order
Tab #2: Category Index
Packs are listed according to topic, e.g. “Animals”, “Food & Drink”, &c.
Tab #3: Level Index
Packs are listed alphabetically within level (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)

You can return to any of these indexes at any time by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Using a Pack – Basic use

After having selected a pack, the pack will be shuffled, then the first card in the pack displayed. When you think you know the translation, click on the “Flip” button, which will reveal the answer. You can now click on the tick button if you knew the answer, or on the cross button if you got it wrong. The next card will then be displayed. Continue until you complete the pack.

Once the pack is completed a results screen will be shown, showing the number of words you got right, and the total number of cards in the pack.

Using a Pack – Options

Above the flashcards, there are options which can be set. These are (from left to right)

Thai to English/English to Thai
Select the appropriate option to show the Thai word first (with you providing the English translation), or the English word first.
Show IPA
Check this option if you want the IPA showing the pronunciation of the Thai word displayed.
Recycle Wrong Answers
If you check this option and word(s) you get wrong are added to the back of the pack and will be displayed again later for you to have another go.
Type Answer
If you check this option, a textbox will be added to the program to allow you to type (in Thai or English as appropriate) your answer. In this case the program will automatically determine whether your answer is correct or not.
When the autoflip option is selected, the answer will automatically be shown after the number of seconds entered in the “flip delay” box. Range 1 – 99 seconds. (If you can't enter a number in the box, it's probably because the autoflip checkbox hasn't been selected.)

Note: Changing any of the above settings will result in the current pack's being restarted.

Known Issues