This application provides an easy to use front end to the SEALangsite Thai language dictionary, which is based upon the Thai-English dictionaries compiled by Mary Haas and her team.


Type a word in the textbox. A list of up to 15 words which match your typing will be displayed. When you see the word for which you're seeking a definition, click on it. The definition will then be displayed in a new page. Click on the "Back" button to return to the first page.

The word may be typed either using the on-screen keyboard, or using your device's keyboard. Mobile device users will need to select the "Use native keyboard" checkbox to be able to use their device's keyboard. This will also hide the on-screen keyboard. Unselect this checkbox to return to using the on-screen keyboard. (This checkbox is not displayed on desktop devices.)

On desktop devices a "Show keyboard" checkbox is displayed. Unselect it to hide the on-screen keyboard.

On the bottom right of the first screen is a dropdown listbox. This shows previous searches. Click on any previous search to repeat it.


Mary Haas (1910-1996) was an American Linguist who specialised in in North American Indian languages and Thai. Her publications include: The Thai System of Writing (1943), Spoken Thai (1945), Thai Reader (1945), Thai Vocabulary (1955), and (perhaps most notably) Thai-English Student's Dictionary (1964). This dictionary has approximately 20,000 word definitions, each definition providing (perhaps uniquely) a pronunciation guide (including stress) based on the standard pronunciation used by educated speakers in Bangkok.

The SEAlang Library initiated a protect to make the dictionary's entries available on-line, merged with additional definitions from the LEXiTRON dictionary.

This application provides an alternative front end to the SEAlang Library's dictionary. The dictionary content is unchanged, apart from changing the fonts to more modern ones and removing certain functionality (specifically saving entries in a personal gloss) which will only work at the original website.


Definitions taken from LEXiTRON have less reliable pronunciation guides: they don't show stress, and they don't show the correct tone (as used in normal speech) for unstressed syllables.


SEAlang Library Thai Dictionary
Thai-English Student's Dictionary on Amazon