This is a Thai-English, English-Thai dictionary. It allows you to:


The "keyboard" radiobuttons control the display of the onscreen keyboard and use of mobile devices built in keyboard. The options are:

Display the onscreen Thai keyboard
Display the onscreen English keyboard
Hide the onscreen keyboards and allow input through the device's own keyboard

Note: For mobile devices, when the Thai or English on screen keyboard is displayed the device's own input screen is suppressed.

The "function" radiobuttons are as follows:

Look up word
Look up the definition(s) of a single Thai or English word
Bulk lookup
Look up the definitions of a list of words or of a passage of text. Thai look up only.
Browse dictionary
List the definitions of all words beginning with a particular consonant
My wordlist
Lists words that you have previously selected to be saved in your personal wordlist

Further details on each of these functions is provided below.

Word Look Up

To look up individual words, select the "Look up word" radiobutton, then enter a word in the text box below the “keyboard". Words can be entered in three ways:

  1. By typing in the box. As you type, the application will look up words matching what you've typed and display a list of them. To see the full definition of the first word in the list press Enter. To see the definition of one of the others on the list, select it either by clicking on it with your mouse, or navigating up and down the list using your keyboard's up and down arrow keys, then pressing Enter.
  2. By typing the word by clicking on the keyboard on the screen. The keyboard can be switched from Thai to English or hidden by selecting the appropriate keyboard radiobutton.
  3. By pasting a single word or fixed expression from another web page or document into the text box.

If you're typing with the keyboard or pasting a word you don't need to select the language with one of the buttons – the application can work out which language you're typing automatically.

Click the "Search" button to display the word's full definition(s). (This opens in a new tab.)

The "History" dropdown listbox stores recent word searches. Select one of the words to rerun the definition search.

Definition Display

The definition(s) is/are displayed for the selected word. Next to the word are two icons which have the following functions

Play the audio for the word. The voices used are alternately male and female.
Add the word to My Word List. The icon changes to a tick once the word has been added.

Click on the "Close" button to close the tab and return to the main page of the dictionary.

Popup Definitions

All words with a dotted underline can be clicked on to show a popup with short definitions of that word. The popup includes a link to the full definition(s) with examples, synonyms and antonyms (where available). The colour of the underline alternates making it easier to identify word boundaries.

To close the popup, either click outside the popup, or click on the "close" icon inside the popup.

The grammar definitions used are as follows:

AUXAuxiliary verb
DMDiscourse marker
PHRVPhrasal verb
PRFPerfect aspect
VIVerb – instransitive
VTVerb – transitive

Other abbreviations are:

Rel.Related words

Bulk look up

To look up individual words, select the "Bulk lookup" radiobutton, and paste the Thai text (only) into the text box below the “keyboard". Then click the "Lookup" button.

The application will then attempt to split the text into individual words and will request definitions of the first 20 words from the server. To load more definitions, click on the "Lookup 20 words" button. (The number may be less than 20, depending upon the number of words left to be defined.) The limit of 20 words at a time is to avoid placing undue stress upon the site's webserver.

There are three "Display" options:

Displays one word per row with transcription and definitions
Display the words in horizontal rows, with transcription and definitions above.
Only the Thai text is displayed. Click on a word to see its definition in a popup.

With all three layouts, click on a word to see its definition in a popup. The popup also provides a link to a full definition which will open in a separate tab.

Where a word has not yet been looked up, the IPA/definitions will appear as "?".

Click on the "Close" button to close the tab and return to the dictionary main screen

Browse Dictionary

To browse the dictionary, select the "Browse dictionary" radiobutton and select the appropriate onscreen keyboard, i.e. Thai or English. (The native keyboard can't be used for this functionality.) Then click on the first consonant of words to be listed.

The speaker and plus icons have the same functions as described above.

Click on the "Close" button to close the tab and return to the dictionary main screen

My Wordlist

To view your personal stored wordlist, select the "My Wordlist" radiobutton. This will bring up a count of how many words there are in your wordlist. Click on the "Show my wordlist" button to display your wordlist with definitions in a new tab.

The wordlist displays for each word IPA (where available), part of speech, translation and a link to the full definition.

To remove a word or words from your wordlist, click on the checkbox next to the word(s), then click on the "Remove selected" button. Removal can not be undone.

Create Flashcard Deck

You can create a flashcard deck from your wordlist by, under "Create flashcard deck", entering a name for the deck, then clicking the "Create deck" button.

If the deck name exists you will see a warning message. If you continue, the existing deck will be replaced.

Once you've created a new deck, you'll see a link which will take you to the flashcards app with the new deck loaded. Later, if you go to the flashcards app you will see your new deck listed under "My Decks".

Click on the "Close" button to close the tab and return to the dictionary main screen

Technical note

Your wordlist is stored in your browser's "Local Storage". It is only available on the device where you created it, using the same browser.

Known Issues

  1. The dictionaries are provided by a third party (see credit below). Unfortunately, there is a significant number of common words and recently introduced words missing. The dictionaries are also internally inconsistent – not every word appearing in a definition appears in the dictionary. Also, a lot of the IPA readings for Thai words are missing.
  2. Display of IPA for Thai words can take a second or two for the IPA font to download. The third party IPA is inconsistent, and not all Thai words have an IPA representation.
  3. The audio, which is provided by a third party, is sometimes slow to load

This product is created by the adaptation of LEXiTRON
developed by NECTEC (