This is an early way to access the Royal Institute Dictionary. It allows you to:

Word Look up

To look up individual words, select the "Lookup" radio button, then enter a word in the text box below the “keyboard". Words can be entered in three ways:

  1. By typing in the box. As you type, the application will look up words matching what you've typed and display a list of them. To see the definition of one of words the list, select it by clicking on it with your mouse.
  2. By typing the word by clicking on the keyboard on the screen.
  3. By pasting a single word or fixed expression from another web page or document into the text box.

For the latter two cases, click on the "Go" button to display the definition(s).

After you've selected a word, the definition (or definitions) will be displayed in a new tab.

Recent searches are stored in a dropdown list and can be selected to revisit the definition(s);

Selection of an entry in the dropdown list is a little unreliable. Sometimes you may need to select the entry twice to get it to display.

Wildcard Look up

Select the "Lookup" radio button (as for a normal search), then enter a wildcard expression in the textbox and click "Go"

For example, if you wanted to see all words beginning with ทร- you would enter ทร* . And if you wanted to see all words containing ทร you would enter *ทร*

To see a list of available wildcards click on the "Wildcard reference" link.

Note that wildcards is not available for reverse lookup.

Wildcard lookups are not recorded in the history dropdown

Reverse Look up

Select the "Reverse Lookup" radio button, then enter the word you wish to find in the dictionary's definitions. Matching entries will be displayed in a new tab, with the matching text highlighted in lavender pink.

Note that this is not a precise word search. It will give all definitions that contain character sequences text that match the input.


Select the "Browse" radio button, then click on the letter of the alphabet you wish to browse.


Results are displayed in to columns:

Definitions includes subentries for the key word. For under ฐาน you'll find subentries for ฐานกรณ์ , ฐานเขียง , ฐานเชิงบาตร &c.. The word for each subentry is circled .

Abbreviations are displayed in purple. Click on an abbreviation to launch a popup with the expansion of the abbreviation and an English translation.

Sometimes the definition refers to another entry, for example, พกา ดู พก- ๒. Click on the purple word to see that entry.