This web application allows you to gauge how fast you can type Thai.

How to Use

On the first page select:

The available options are a follows:

Highlight next character
The next character to be typed is shown in dark blue
Highlight current word
The word currently being typed is shown in purple
Sounds on
Click when a key is pressed
Type blind
Hide the text you type

Click on the "Start" button to move to the next page.

Start typing the Thai text displayed. Once you type the first character correctly the countdown timer on the right will start. What you type will be displayed below the original text (unless you've selected the "Type blind" option).

The lines of text will scroll up automatically - there's no need to press "Enter" at the end of each line. However, when you see the ⏎ symbol, it's the end of a paragraph, so press "Enter"

Where the next character to be typed is a space, the space will be replaced with an underscore, _.

Where the last character typed is wrong, it will be displayed in brown. You can use the backspace key to correct the error, or simply ignore the error and continue.

When the countdown timer expires the results page will be shown. This displays:

With what you actually typed, wrong characters are highlighted in brown, and missing characters are highlighted in dark blue. If you've substituted a character you'll see a pair of characters - the missing original character in dark blue and the substituted character in brown. For example:

Substitutions only count as one error in the statistics.

The statistics show:

Raw typing speed
The typing speed, not adjusted for errors, in words per minute (WPM).
The percentage of words typed correctly.
Adjusted speed
This is what we normally consider typing speed: for each error one word is deducted from the number of words typed, and then the typing speed is calculated

The "Retry" button allows you to retry the same test. The "Close" button takes you back to the options page.

Calculation Details

Raw typing speed is calculated from the number of characters typed divided by 5, i.e.

                   no. of characters typed
raw typing speed = ───────────────────────

(A word, by convention, is 5 characters long - it's not based upon actual word length. Type 100 characters and you've typed 20 words.)

Number of errors is the total number of missing, extraneous and substituted characters.

Accuracy (%) is calculated as:

accuracy = (no. of words typed - (5 × no. of errors)) × 100

Adjusted typing speed is calculated as:

                        no. of words typed - (5 × no. of errors)
adjusted typing speed = ────────────────────────────────────────
                                      time taken

(Time taken is in minutes.)


  1. Because of limitations in HTML (the programming language in which web pages are written), tone marks and other above marks move when highlighted. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about this.
  2. If you make a large number of errors the program may lose track of where in the text you're trying to type. If this happens, you'll need to start again.