Click the start button to start the game.

Words will advance, one symbol at a time. Type the character in the central box, keeping a steady rhythm.

When two or three symbols appear in the central box, type them in the standard sequence - one symbol per click.

Where you see an underscore character ("_") type a space.

If you make a mistake you'll hear a "boing" sound. When that happens, just move on to the next character. If you don't type a character there's no "boing", but it will be counted as an error.

When you complete a level your total number of errors and words per minute will be displayed.

You can change the level using the drop down box. You can also change the speed by adjusting the position of the slider. Changing level or speed will automatically start the game.

You can turn sound off and back on again by clicking on the "Sound off" checkbox.