The "Text To Speech" app. allows your browser to read Thai text you paste into it, either phrase by phrase, or as a continues passage.

How to Use

Paste the text you would like to be spoken into the text box. If you're not automatically taken to the "speech" page, click on the "Process" button.

To hear an individual phrase, click on the phrase; to hear the whole text, click on the "Play All" button. The current phrase will be highlighted in purple. When playing the entire text you can click on the "Stop" button to cancel the operation.

To blur text, select the "Blur Text" option. To clear the blurring on a single phrase, double click on the phrase. (This will, unfortunately, play the phrase again. To avoid this, hold down the "control" key when double clicking.

To clear the text and return to the input page, click on the "Reset" button.


Male voice
Read the text using a Thai man's voice
Female voice
Read the text using a Thai woman's voice
Blur text
Select to blur the text display

Suggested Use

To practice listening, paste a passage of your choice and select the "Blur text" option. Now, click on an individual phrase to hear it. When you think you know what's been said, ctrl-double click on the phrase to unblur the text. Click on the phrase again if you'd like to hear it again. Then move on to the next phrase.


  1. Where available, the app. will ask your browser to synthesise the speech. Where your browser doesn't support this, the text will be sent to a central server and the audio streamed back to your browser.
  2. Ctrl+double click isn't particularly convenient for mobile devices. I haven't been able to think of a suitable alternative.

  3. Occasionally a phrase will be spoken in a different voice (albeit one of the same gender). This is a technical limitation of the way the text is currently processed. It won't happen if your browser is capable of speech synthesis.