Mary Haas' Thai Reader was first published in 1945. It comprises a graded series of short texts suitable for students starting to learn to read Thai.

This online version the Thai Reader reproduces the text, with some interactive features:


Select any one of the 41 texts from the menu. The corresponding text will then be displayed. Click on the "Back" button to return to the menu.

Click on any word to see a brief definition (or definitions) in a pop-up window. Click outside the pop-up to close it. Desktop users will also see the definition pop-up when they hover over a word with their mouse. (Also see "Checkbox Options", below.) The definition is also added to the dropdown list box below the text. Selecting a definition from the dropdown list will show the full definition in a pop-up window.

Checkbox Options

Separate words
Add/remove spaces between words
Modern font
Display the text in a traditional or modern typeface.
Autoshow popup (desktop devices only)
Enable/disable the showing of the definition popup when one's mouse cursor hovers over a word


For a few words there are no dictionary definitions available. For these words supplementary definitions are provided following the text.

For technical reasons the dropdown list of definitions does not include the pronunciation guide. Definitions may be truncated if they are too long to display. However, selecting a definition from the list will produce a pop-up including the pronunciation guide and the full definition(s).

Again for technical reasons, if you select an item from the dropdown list of definitions a second time you will not get the pop-up; the selected item has to change to trigger the pop-up. Just select a different item, then reselect the one you previously selected.

I believe Mary Haas' Thai Reader to be out of copyright, hence my ability legally to reproduce it here.