The Thai Typing Trainer helps you to learn to type in Thai in a series of 52 graded lessons.


Select the lesson you wish to practise. First time using this Trainer that'll be Lesson 1.

Read the notes for the lesson, then type the Thai text displayed towards the bottom of the screen. As you type the current letter to be typed will be displayed in blue. If you make a mistake the letter will turn brown and you'll need to try again. As you complete a line, the next line will be displayed until the current lesson is complete. You'll then be presented with a screen which gives you the choice either to repeat the lesson, or move on to the next one.

For the longer notes you may need to scroll down to see all the text. A scroll bar will appear next to the notes when this is the case.

Click on the "hide" link to hide the notes.

At any time you can click on the "Lesson Menu" button to return to the lesson selection page.

Lessons which you have completed will be marked with a tick.