Lesson 2

Consonants , , , ,


In this lesson we'll look at five more common consonants. They are as follows:

/m//mɔɔ máa/HorseNote the position of the loops. Contrast with/nɔɔ nǔu/: .
/y//yɔɔ yák/Ogre 
/w//wɔɔ wɛ̌ɛn/Ring 
/th//thɔɔ thaˑ​hǎan/Soldier 
/d//dɔɔ dèk/Child 

Click on "Play" to practise reading words using these consonants and vowels.


The letter can also function as a diphthong when it's between two consonants. In that position it's pronounced /ua/. Here are some words like that:


And now a mixture of words using all the characters we've looked at so far:


And finally, some two syllable words:



Some people find it helpful to learn to write the characters as they learn them, which is why each lesson includes a writing section with a printable worksheet.

All Thai consonants except two start with a small loop. One writes the consonant starting with the loop and continuing smoothly on without lifting your pen from the paper. Click on the large characters below to run an animation showing how they're written.

Start at the top left, drawing the loop clockwise.

Draw the loop anticlockwise.

Don't make this character too narrow.

Pay particular attention to the shape of the hump.

Note that the loop is to the left and above the line to which it's connected.
Download worksheet