Lesson 5

Middle Class Consonants: , , ,


This lesson looks at regular middle class consonants. We've already encountered three of them: , and . Here are four more:

/t//tɔɔ tàw/TurtleDiffers from by the notch in the top
/b//bɔɔ bayˑ​máay/Leaf 
/p//pɔɔ plaa/Fish 
/c//cɔɔ caan/Plate 

Click on "Play" to practise reading words using the new middle class consonants. All are pronounced with a mid tone.


Here are some slightly longer words to practise reading. Remember that syllables starting with a high class consonant will have a rising tone.



Here are some notes on each of the characters in this lesson:

Drawn exactly the same as ด, apart from the notch at the top.


Drawn exactly the same as บ, apart from the extended right vertical.


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