Lesson 10

Consonants , . Long Vowels ,


In this lesson we encounter two new consonants and two new vowels. Let's start with the two consonants, and , which are low class and high class respectively.

/s//sɔɔ sôo/ChainContrast with
/th//thɔ̌ɔ thǔŋ/BagContrast with

We can now complete our table of corresponding high and low class regular consonants:

High Class
Low Class

Here are some words using these new characters.


And here are some longer ones to practise.


And now for two more vowels, and :


These vowels are written before the consonant to which they relate. So, for example แพง (meaning "expensive") is read in the order -- and is pronounced /phɛɛŋ/. Similarly แขก ("guest") is read -- and is pronounced /khɛ̀ɛk/.

Here are some practice words:


Here are some slightly longer words to practise reading.



A variant of ข. Start by drawing the loop clockwise. Pay attention to the noch on the stem of the loop.

A variant of ก. Start by drawing loop clockwise. Careful with the shape of the "beak".

As usual, start with the loop.

Draw the two parts of the character left first, then right.

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