Lesson 22

Reading Sentences 1


In this lesson we'll try to read short phrases and sentences taken from various, "real world" sources.

First, a bunch of from a newspaper.

If you have problems finding word boundaries, hover over the text and the word will be underlined. Alternatively, you can add spaces between words by checking the "Add spaces" box.

Click on any word to find dictionary definitions. Note that not all words, particularly proper nouns are in the lookup dictionary. If you get stuck on one of these, you can use the the wordlist at the bottom of the page.

The typeface used for these sentences is a bit smaller than that used previously in the course. You can use the "Options" option from the menu bar to change the font size.


And now some from Wikipedia:


Scroll down for the supplementary word list


Supplementary Word list

บายาโดลิด(Real) Valladolid