Lesson 21



The final character in this section is ◌ำ which is used for the sound /am/. For example, รำ (/ram/, to dance), คลำ (/khlam/, to find out), and ดำ (/dam/, black).

However, sometimes the vowel sound is long, i.e. /aam/. This is most frequently encountered with น้ำ (/náam/, water) which as a stand alone word has a long vowel, but in compounds such as น้ำมัน (/námˑman/, oil) and น้ำหอม (/námˑhɔ̌ɔm/, perfume) it's short.

Now try reading these words:


And now some slightly longer words.



Start by drawing the loop clockwise, then write the rest of the character.

Note that any tone mark is written before ◌ำ. So, for example, น้ำ is written -◌้-◌ํ-.

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