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I'm currently in the process of redesigning this site, primarily to make parts of it work better on mobile devices. This is probably going to take me many weeks.

One side effect of the changes I'm making is that parts of the site will no longer work on older browsers. If you experience problems, do consider updating your browser to the latest version.

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Mike Notes

Update Feb. 2021

I've rewritten the Thai Typing Trainer to take advantages of changes in browser technology, and added two more lessons. The plan is to rewrite all three parts of the existing Thai Typing Trainers, then retire the old app.

The Speed Test is experimental. I'm not aware of any other speed test for Thai that doesn't use spaces between words. Not using spaces makes the logic much more challenging. I'm not sure if I've got it working well or not for "real world" typists.

Update Mar. 2021

I've written a new application for practising typing Thai. That's (pretty obviously) Typing Practice (above). It lets you use sample text or to copy and paste your own text. I've removed the old Thai Typing Trainers from the menu, but they will continue to be available here for a little while, just in case there are problems with the newer applications.

p.s. Some notes for tablet users: