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What's New?
Update October 2021

The Typing Trainer has been updated, primarily to address some technical issues. The mechanism for selecting lesson number has also changed.

Update August 2021

I've added texts from Mary Haas' Thai Reader. They're simple texts suitable for people starting to read Thai. You can add spaces between words to make reading easier. Click on any word to see its definition(s). You can also choose between a traditional Thai font, and a (rather more challenging to read) modern one.

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Update July 2021

I've made a new front end to the Haas Thai-English Dictionary. Like my other dictionary apps it has an on-screen keyboard and a dropdown list of matching words. Unlike my other dictionary apps, this one works on tablets.

Update (3) May 2021

There's a new Text to speech app. which allows you to paste a passage of Thai text and then have your browser read it to you. You can use it for reading practice by blurring the text, then clicking on individual phrases to play them, then double clicking on the phrase to unblur it.

Update (2) May 2021

I've changed the source of the audio files for the FreeThai game. It should now be clearer.

Update May 2021

There's a new app., "Reading Assistant". If you paste some Thai text it will separate it into words. If you then click on those words it will show an English definition of that word (where available). It's intended for learners who can already read a fair bit of Thai, but may get tripped up on the occasional word or two. This app. should work on both desktop PCs and tablets. There's more information on the application's "Help" page.

Update Mar. 2021

I've written a new application for practising typing Thai. That's (pretty obviously) Typing Practice (above). It lets you use sample text or to copy and paste your own text. I've removed the old Thai Typing Trainers from the menu.

Update Feb. 2021

I've rewritten the Thai Typing Trainer to take advantages of changes in browser technology, and added two more lessons. The plan is to rewrite all three parts of the existing Thai Typing Trainers, then retire the old app.

The Speed Test is experimental. I'm not aware of any other speed test for Thai that doesn't use spaces between words. Not using spaces makes the logic much more challenging. I'm not sure if I've got it working well or not for "real world" typists.

p.s. Some notes for tablet users: