Lesson 20

Review 2


The following two tables summarise the vowels and diphthongs covered so far in this course.

Short Vowel Long Vowel 
/a/◌ั-, ◌ะ/aa/◌า
/ə//əə/เ◌ิ-, เ◌อ
/ʉ/◌ึ/ʉʉ/◌ื-, ◌ือ
/ai/ or
/ua/-, อัว


  1. In these tables '-' represents a mandatory consonant.
  2. The table doesn't show "trivial" diphthongs are are formed by adding - or - after a vowel.
  3. The table doesn't show irregular vowel lengths for words such as เก้า, เท้า, เจ้า and เปล่า.

Now try reading these words which cover all the vowels and diphthongs studied so far: